Monday, September 7, 2020

And our favorites are....

 Hello TMS friends!  Thank you so much for joining us this week.  I appreciate you all that joined.  Not as many but I'm sure many of our devoted players are getting back into the swing of school and finding the new normal groove.

Our favorites this week....

Andrea's favorite - Card by #4 Wilma

Debbie's favorite - Card by #3 Maria Helena

Debi's favorite - Card by #7 Mary

Margreet's favorite - Card #4 Wilma

Melissa's favorite - Card by #8 Silke

Tammy's favorite - Card by #9 Sona D

Have a wonderful Monday and for those in the US a nice holiday today.  We'll see you tomorrow with another great sketch and beautiful cards by the team.


  1. Thank you Andrea for choosing my card as a favorite. Kind regards, Wilma xxx

    1. ooooo and also thanks to Margreet for choosing my card, 2 x favorite, what an honor! Thank you Andrea and Margreet xxxx

  2. Thank you Debbie for picking my card!!

  3. Thanks, Debi - appreciate the shout out! :)


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