Monday, November 22, 2021

And our favorites are...

 Hello and Happy Monday.  This is the beginning of a holiday week for the United States.  It's Thanksgiving.  I'm not much for the holiday eating aspect of this occasion - I've never really been fond of turkey, cranberry sauce and other traditional fare.  But what I am fond of is the memories I have as a kid and holidays spent with family.  Whether it was my Mom's side of the family with all the additional Mexican dishes or my step-dad's side of the family where I feel I truly perfected my skill at making chicken and dumplings (although I still don't make homemade noodles like Aunt Melvidean).  The homes were just always filled with kids running around playing, grown ups talking and a lot of laughter.  I am most thankful for those memories.

But Thanksgiving - well it's just that.  Giving thanks for all blessing and even for the trials. I am thankful for my wonderful team, past and present.  I have been surrounded my a lot of talented women who I have learned so much from and I am grateful for their continued support.  I am thankful for the players, from the few to the many, who join us week after week.

Thank you to those who joined us this week - you made some really lovely cards to share with us!  Our favorites this week....

Andrea's favorite - Card by #4 Donna R

Debbie's favorite Card by #3 Suzanne

Debi's favorite - Card by #2 Carla

Melissa's favorite - Card by #Yvon

Patti's favorite - Card by #5 Maria Helena

Have a great Monday everyone we'll see you tomorrow with a fun sketch by Debbie.


  1. Debi thank you for choosing my card as your favourite.
    Congratulations to all favorites.

  2. Melissa thank you choosing my card as uur favorite.
    Congratulations to al💙

  3. Andrea, thank you for choosing my card as your favorite! Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. players out there.


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